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Visitor Notices
  • Kids under the age of 12 or who need special care are not allowed to enter the center alone. Any marketing, commercial operation, or political and religious activities are strictly prohibited here.
  • Please dress appropriately when entering the center (Slippers and roller skates are prohibited). Besides, skateboards and bicycles are not allowed inside the center.
  • Smoking, spitting, chewing gums or betel nut are not allowed in the center. It is forbidden to bring dangerous items and pets.(except guide dogs and search and rescue dogs) Eating and drinking are prohibited in all areas except the hall on the first floor and the catering area that is available for announcement.
  • If there are too many crowds on holiday, visitors who have not made an appointment will be queued to enter the center as appropriate.
  • Photography and videos in the center cannot be used for commercial purposes, and the center reserves the right to pursue legal actions. There must be no conditions that affect the visit route and the rights of others when taking a film.
  • This center is free of charge. The information desk provides services such as consulting, broadcasting, and rental of guide equipment.
  • The open area is mainly limited to the 1st and 2nd floors. If other areas are specially opened, the announcement of the center shall prevail.
  • Visitors can store their backpacks and handbags in the locker, and exchange the keys with the guard by hanging over an identity certificate with photos. Please place them according to the locker’s number and keep the keys properly. For larger items, strollers or luggage, please put them at the information desk. Carry the valuables with you, the Center isn’t responsible for storage, and may perform security checks if necessary.
  • Any noise, chasing, frolicking, littering, and other behaviors affecting others are prohibited in the center. The Center would not be responsible for any casualties.
  • If the items or facilities in the exhibition area are broken or stolen, the center has the right to deal with them in accordance with the law.
  • If the Center finds an issue that impedes order, it may persuade, stop, refuse the party ’s entry or order to leave.
  • Self-guided tours are strictly prohibited without permission to maintain the tranquility of the center and the correctness of the explanation.
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